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Dashi means broth which has rich Umami. 

We make fresh Dashi soup from bonito flakes and Kombu(sea kelp) every morning to provide the best dish to our customers. They are slowly brewed with unboiled hat water for clear but aromatic broth. 

We proudly provide our Dashi with Miso soup and Udon noodle soup.

Japanese broth soup
Dried bonito

Kombu (Sea Kelp)

Bonito Flakes

The special Kombu is the highest quality kelp harvested in Rishiri Island located in northern Hokkaido. Rishiri Kombu gives rich flavorful clear Dashi, so it is often used at Japanese restaurants in Kyoto that have been around a long time.

We shave bonito every morning to make fresh bonito flakes because we would like you to enjoy the most aromatic soups with our original blended Dashi.

Udon in a bowl
Miso Soup
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