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Eating a balanced diet combined with healthy ingredients leads to wellness.

In ancient Japanese food culture, Gozen is the serving of food to help the human body and mind. It consists of dishes with the consideration of energy, proteins, fats, and minerals.

Gozen Shun Pasadena aims to provide quality food and a pleasant

environment for our dear customers.

Side Dish

The side dishes provide vitamins, fiber, and minerals which are all important nutrients for your body. We use seasonal vegetables for our side dishes, which will change frequently.

We want our customers to enjoy the best of our in-season vegetables, for an experience you won’t forget.


Our soups contain vitamins and proteins, while easing your mouth as you eat the rest of the meal. Our miso soup broth is made out of selected fish flakes and vegetables.

Japanese dishes


The foundational ingredient is rice, packed with carbohydrates. We are proud to serve our hand-selected Japanese grown white rice and Japanese brown rice. Rice is an essential part of the meal that goes perfectly well with our selected menu.

Main Dish

We use selected items such as JIDORI Free Range Chicken, USDA Choice Beef, and Seafood prepared by our highly skilled chefs.

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