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Hitsumabushi is a traditional dish from Nagoya, featuring finely chopped grilled eel served over rice.It's enjoyed in three stages: first, savoring the eel and rice as is, then adding condiments like green onions and wasabi for extra flavors, and finally, transforming it into a sort of rice soup by pouring tea or broth over it. This dish offers a journey through the rich flavors of eel and the comforting texture of rice in various delightful ways, showcasing the depth of Japanese culinary culture.


First Step

For the first serving, enjoy hitsumabushi in its simplest form, without adding anything. This allows you to savor the natural flavors of the eel and the rice.

Third Step


Second Step

In the second serving, add some condiments like green onions, seaweed, and wasabi. These add a delightful twist to the taste.

For the third serving, pour some broth over it to create a sort of 'tea rice' dish. This is the unique highlight of hitsumabushi.

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